The COLD HARD TRUTH about learning to swim is that there are really only one thing your child needs to thrive in the water.

To be challenged by someone they truly trust

There is no one in the world they TRUST MORE than YOU.


"In my head I thought by the end of the holiday break she will have swam to safety.

But she did it on Day 2!! Day 2!! Thank you!"

-Liz, Mara's mom


Let me show you what's waiting for you once you join the Swim to Me Program

The 3-Phase Swim to Me Program

  • How to build your child’s confidence right from the first practice

  • The secret to building both trust and skills at the same time

  • How to manage your first practice no matter what they throw at you

In PHASE 2 You will Discover...

  • The BIG SECRET to getting your child to swim far and fast without struggling

  • The sneaky game that tires them out as they practice without tiring you out at all

  • The single best way to keep them practicing without fuss after you’ve completed the program

In PHASE 3 You will Discover...

What Will I Teach My Child?

I have helped thousands of parents get their children capable and confident in the water in just 10 lessons, and now it's your turn!

Parents pay me anywhere from 2-$6000 to work with their children one on one. Ninety minutes in the water with me costs $1750.

My courses and programs will always be more expensive than your local swim school because they produce fast results, and I guarantee them.

But over the course of my career I've seen a lot of children struggle to learn to swim in noisy community centres with instructors that don't know how to take into account a child's emotional state during the learning process. This keeps them stuck because they are afraid, distracted, or overwhelmed and keeps parents going back for session after session sometimes costing thousands just get them out of their floaties for lack of a better option.

And as parents we just want them to learn to swim and enjoy the water but without the proper support these children will never get to a place of joy in the water. They will always feel uneasy because the environment they learned in was uneasy... which means you'll never have the joy and peace of mind you are looking for by the water. 

That's why I want to get this program into the hands of as many families as possible. I want to make it affordable so you can ditch the crowded lessons and get your child confident and capable in the water quickly to start enjoying family vacations, summers by the pool, and easy outdoor fun. How long are you really willing to wait for peace of mind?

So tell me... are you in?

Read what parents have said about the TWO WEEKS that changed their child's relationship in the water


The ONLY GUARANTEED Learn to Swim Program in North America

I offer you a...

RISK FREE 90 Day, No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee.                                     

Kids are expensive enough as it is. Learning a life skill shouldn’t cost over and over again! So...

Bought the course and didn't get to it? I'll refund you

Got into it and decided it wasn't for you? I'll refund you

Tried it and don't see progress? I'll refund you

I'm so confident in this program that I'm taking all the risk here-there will be people who buy, learn, and ask for a refund...but it's worth it to me to get this program into as many families as get as many children swimming and safer in the water as possible. 

Simply email my team  - to let them know and we will gladly give you back your money with thanks, just for trying us out.  

When you join us for our $650 Swim to Me program...



Proven Step-by-Step Video Course by 29-Year Swim Coach Reveals How You Can Teach Your Child to Swim in Record Time with Fun and Ease so You Can Actually Start to Enjoy Your Pool Time TODAY...without Expensive Instructors, Complicated Drills, or Crowded Lessons.

Discover How to

Teach Your 2-5yr old to Swim 

in JUST 10 Lessons of 

Under 10 Minutes


For Hands-On Parents


If you are done with the tears, the registration woes, and the overwhelm that stops you from enjoying the water with your child...

...Then it's time for YOU to take charge of your child's water education.

Why should swimming be any different?

Without a trusted guide to encourage them, your child will continue to struggle to learn this life skill and you’ll continue to spend both time & money at weekly lessons for months or years to come getting them capable and confident. 

I Get It, You're Frustrated and 

You Just Want Your Child To Learn To Swim...

 ...and if you're like most of my other clients it may feel like they just aren't ready yet, are overwhelmed by the noise of crowded lessons, or don't have the right instructor.

And it can feel frustrating and get expensive trying to figure out how to get them comfortable and independent in the water. 


...and the truth is, it's not anyone's fault.

The programs that exist in our communities are based on


Before we knew what we do now about early childhood development.

We didn’t know that children learn faster when taught by adults they truly trust. 

In order for your child to try something new, something that may feel a little scary, they’ll need to be with someone they feel completely comfortable with, then - and only then - will they feel safe enough to explore and make mistakes, which is how we truly learn. 

Swimming is a feeling, like balance and gravity. Exploring and figuring it out with a loving parent is how we learn to walk & climb, and it’s how they’ll learn to ride a bike... 


But it's going to take work. 

Though they trust you like no one else you may feel they don't listen to you as well as an instructor or that you don't know the steps to getting them swimming. 

In Swim to Me I teach you EXACTLY what to say and give you every step to take so your child is listening, capable, and confident in the water in just 10 practices of under 10 minutes.


I'm so confident in this program I'm making this the biggest no-brainer deal ever by taking on all the risk on your investment...




"I believe that the children will be better swimmers than the parents with Swim to Me"

- Peter, Aria's dad

Watch Peter and Aria's Journey >>>

"We teach our children to do just about everything, why can't we teach our children to swim?"

-Evie, Sia's mom

Watch Evie and Sia's Journey >>>

"Since doing Swim to Me I gained the confidence to tackle some other things I want to teach my children that I didn't feel confident doing before."

-Haylee, mom of three

Listen to Haylee's thoughts on her Swim to Me experience >>>

Discover How Hundreds of Families are Using 


to ditch the frustration and 

Teach Their Own Children to Swim

Once you become a Member you'll have access to the 3 PHASE, 9-MODULE SWIM TO ME PROGRAM.

Each module builds onto the next to help you and your child drop the frustration and thrive towards success 




So Now it's Time for You to Choose...

I can keep telling you how amazing this program is and keep showing you how other parents are doing but at some point you'll just have to make a choice...

You can keep doing what you're doing. Keep registering for local swim lessons, spend week after week by the pool watching your child struggle to learn, and spend your precious time and money on lessons that won't get your child where you want them or...

If you know you want your child to just be able to swim already so you can enjoy water time with them, then your choice is obvious: Join Swim to Me and start helping your child transform their relationship to the water. 

Simply click the button below and my Team and I will be there to help you get your child swimming in no time.

Here is what parents are saying about Swim to Me...

When asked what they love about the program...

... And, Because I actually give a FAQ! Your Most Popular Questions Answered:

Have a question you need answered before you enrol in Swim to Me?

Below is a list of the most common questions I've been asked. If for some odd reason you don't see your question, just reach out to our support team - - or DM us so we can assist you.


What makes the members of your programs and all the testimonials I've seen so successful?

Swim to Me was specifically designed with parents in mind. What makes THIS program different than the programs at your local swim school can be broken down into three distinct reasons. 

#1. METHOD - Beginning with an OBSESSION with why some children have an easy time learning and others take years to master back floats, I set out to create a program that will help you cause a BREAKTHROUGH in results for your child. I don't just give you the steps, you get the experience of watching your child amaze you with what they are capable of.

#2. A CUSTOMISABLE PLAN - You are different, YOUR CHILD is different. No Fuss Back Floats shows you how to adapt my proven, revolutionary method to your parenting style and your child's learning style. Then, you get the EXACT steps necessary to execute your customised plan.

#3. FLEXIBILITY - Your time is important to you and children/life can sometimes throw plans off. Swim to Me is COMPLETELY free from a schedule. Practice when you like, as often as you like. No missed lessons, no worrying about the weather, and certainly no make up classes to book. And, if you need to take a break you can, just pick it back up when you're ready and be amazed and how little your child has forgotten.


My child is afraid of the water, will this work for us?

Yes! In fact, one of the biggest breakthroughs you'll experience in Swim to Me is how quickly your child's fear will subside. I'll show you exactly how to help your child through the fear so they can learn to be calm in the water without relying on all the water play games that produce such slow results in your local lessons. 


My child is only 2, will this work for us?

Absolutely! In all my programs children start as young as 12 months and by the age of 2 are often swimming independently. Additionally, swimming is just one small part of this and with the right method and a trusted loving adult to support them children learn at a much younger age than we would expect and can go on to be self-rescuing in no time as well (all part of Swim to Me).


I don't consider myself to be a strong swimmer, can I still do this?

The entirety of this program is done in shallow water where you can reach the bottom but your child can't. You'll be able to stand in the water the whole time. So long as you feel calm and comfortable in the water you can do this. 


This sounds overwhelming and I'm really busy, how much will we have to practice?

If this program sounds like a beast it might just be because you feel overwhelmed by swimming lessons to begin with. And you're trying to imagine how you'll be able to add this program to your existing "child" related running around.

Swim to Me is the ANTIDOTE to overwhelming, time consuming swim lessons. It's a method designed to give your child the calm space, and caring support necessary to learn fast without the stress of being late, missing lessons, or trying to get a spot session after session. 

Also, with fast results you won't be stuck sitting by the pool week after week for months while your child struggles. 

If that wasn't enough, you have LIFETIME ACCESS to Swim to Me, it's not the type of program that needs to be rushed and you can set it aside as needed to fit your busy mom life. 

So, if you can set aside just 10 minutes at a time to review the material and practice with your child you'll see vast improvements in just a few practices.


I'm worried my child won't listen to me or will cry and scream, how will this help?

All of my programs are designed to help you with your child's fear, unwillingness to cooperate, and even - cringe - tantrums about the water. Swim to Me contains my proven "toddler whisperer" communication model which parents tell me they use ALL the time in and out of the water for smoother communication all over. 


What can I expect once I enrol in Swim to Me?

Once you complete your order, you'll get an email right away with a registration form to fill out. As soon as you submit your form you will receive another email with all your login information.

As soon as you log in, you will get INSTANT LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire course as well as Lifetime access to the Private Support Facebook Group and my Private Members Only Chat Group.

Swim to Me is a digital video training portal. When you join, your purchase includes INSTANT access with lifetime updates to all of the material.


Any adult that your child trusts can work with them towards success in Swim to Me. As long as all the adults are comfortable in the water and following my proven method your child will succeed. 

Can my spouse, or another adult share in the teaching?


What is the guarantee/refund policy for Swim to Me?

We offer a risk free, 90 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

Bought the course and didn't get to it? I'll refund you

Got into it and decided it wasn't for you? I'll refund you

Tried it and don't see progress? I'll refund you

Simply email my team - and let them know and we will gladly give you back your money with thanks, just for trying us out.


Is there any support available if I have questions or get stuck?

As a member of Swim to Me, I want you to know "I've got you!" You have THREE unique ways to get the support and feedback you need!

#1. The Private (Members-Only) Parent Instructors Facebook Group where you can post your wins, struggles, or questions and get help from other parents teaching their children water skills; and

#2. The Private Members-Only Group Chat where myself or another certified Swim to Safety Coach will answer your questions, give feedback on your practice footage, or celebrate your win with you. 

#3. My Support Team - Any "technical" issues about your membership (login, billing, etc.) can be addressed immediately by Monica and our Support Team at any time!

For technical issues, please contact Monica at


When will this program be available again? Can I join anytime?

If you don't think now is the right time to do this consider this...

When will it be the right time? Do you know? If you don't know, how long have you been putting off making a change to the approach for your child? How much longer are you willing to put it off?

Starting a new program, making a change to the way you are approaching something, is a lot like having kids, you know you want it, but the truth is: the time is NEVER perfect is it? 

But, when you get clear on what you want, and you get committed to making it happen, you MAKE the time. And that's a choice you're going to to make right now...are you going to continue to drag your child to lessons week after week for little to no progress or are you going to MAKE it happen?


What if I don't have a pool?

Swim to Me can be taught in any body of water deep enough for your child to jump into safely.

Many parents opt to teach their child at the community pool, on 10 day vacation in the tropics, at a friendly neighbour's, or at the lake. With only 10 minutes per lesson it's hardly an inconvenience to ask a friend.

We don't recommend teaching the program in waves or currents.

Unless your child has special needs or is delayed in their milestones, by the age of 24 months they are ready to learn to swim, i've seen this program work as young as 18 months. 

If your child seems afraid of the water this is an even bigger reason to get started sooner rather than later.

Around the age of 5 children go through a developmental milestone that solidifies fears more firmly making it much harder for them to overcome. Children who carry fear into the school-aged years can struggle more to overcome them and they may struggle to ever be comfortable in the water.

The Swim to Me program is designed with fearful children in mind and my toddler communication model helps build trust so your child can overcome their fears feeling supported and safe with you.


I'm not sure my child is ready...

Sure, if you think you can’t do what a 16-year-old is trained to do then hire someone BUT... 

In Swim to Me, I teach you everything you need to know to do this safely and much more effectively.

The reality of the situation is that YOU know your child best.

YOU know when to push when to pull back, and when to lean in for a hug. A kid with no children of their own doesn't know how to handle your child's needs.

Truly, NO ONE knows your child better than YOU and NO ONE cares about your child the way YOU do.


Isn't the water dangerous? Don't I need a professional?

1- Swim to Me was designed with the help of child psychologists and childhood behavioural specialists to take into account the special challenges of learning a physical body skill that can be scary.

2- Swim to Me is taught like a body skill. This means that just like you didn't tell your child to move their weight from one foot to the other when learning to walk you won't be telling them where to put their hands or what to do with their legs which makes it a lot less complicated and confusing for them.

Like learning to balance on a bike swimming is a skill best learned through feeling it and that is exactly how Swim to Me teaches your child to swim. 


What makes this program work so well? What's the difference between this and the lessons at my local pool?

The short answer is no. This particular version of the program is not licensed to you for commercial use and is not intended to train instructors.

We do have a certification program for instructors who wish to learn the Swim to Safety method to add to their existing offered programs or to start their own businesses.

Please go to our website at and click on instructors for more information and to get on the waiting list. 


I'm a swim instructor, can I use Swim to Me to teach my students?

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